Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh Bambi...

I have a secret. I've become slightly less than obsessed with Glee. I don't know what happened. Mia & I were hanging out and checking Hulu. I saw an episode with Lady Gaga, whom Mia loves. And the next thing I know, I'm searching the interwebs for videos. I'm officially caught up with the whole season now. And I kind of really want it on dvd. Is that bad? I forgot how good tv could be. Ha! Plus, it's a nice break from watching CSI all the time. A little more cheerful. And now I'm not having crazy dreams of getting packages of body parts via UPS. Instead, I have Journey and Lady Gaga permanently stuck in my head, a fair trade.

I think my two favorite characters are Brittany, who's as dumb as a rock, and Kurt, who's fabulous. And I love Emma. Especially her clothes. And Rachel's clothes a lot of the time. And this is my absolute favorite moment of the whole season. Ohhhh, Bambi. Ha!

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