Saturday, August 21, 2010

One question.

Now what? I have been so incredibly busy this past week with orientation training, that I'm not quite sure what to do now that it's over.

Our days will filled with intentionally awkward games and fireside chats, and after dinner we only had more work. The twelve OL's spent nearly every waking moment together, allowing us to grow closer, even if we were getting annoyed. There were late nights, and really late nights. There were hours of work put into a silly dance for the welcome. There were patient people who dealt with our short attention spans. There were caring people who dealt with our stress. We laughed until we cried. We cried a little bit more. And then it was done. Just like that.

Move in day came and went. Even though we started at 7:15am and ended close to 1 in the morning. But we took breaks and climbed rocks and enjoyed some wild wings (or, you know, cheese quesadillas). The welcome came, and we were nervous. But as soon as people laughed at our attempt at the Soulja Boy, we all loosened up. The incoming class is a really great group. There were so many positive people that personally thanked us for working on orientation. Their energy helped keep us going. I think it was worth it. And then today, it stopped. Suddenly, everyone had eaten their dinner and we were cleaning up. And we were free to leave. I went into my apartment, sat down on my bed, listened to the rain, and fell asleep.

And here I am now. Sitting on my bed, looking at my little room filled with pieces of my life. I don't have quite enough floor space to move around, and yet somehow, I need to clean it before running errands tomorrow. I'm trying to procrastinate that organizing as much as possible, because I know as soon as that's complete, I'll be wondering the same thing. Now what?

Class starts Monday. I've been looking forward to it since June. I'll get back to blogging everyday. I'll begin accumulating To Do Lists, and To Do Lists of To Do Lists. I'll lose sleep and drink coffee. And hopefully I'll nail down a personal artist statement. I think I got a big step closer as of this morning.

So now what?

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