Thursday, August 26, 2010

To Do Today

Typically, my To Do lists end up on little yellow adhesive squares stuck everywhere, typewritten via Sir Reginauld, my trusty 1949 Smith Colorona Silent, with the 9 key that doesn't quite cooperate. But I haven't been able to do that lately. Why? Because of my biggest To Do: clean and organize my room completely! Don't worry, though, I am determined to finish it today. And then you may see some more of these. But for now...

x Record reference footage for gesture/emotion flip books
x Select segments of footage & print out filmstrips
x Search for treasure in JoAnn's with Vanesa
x Buy all sorts of fabrics, ribbon, floss, and other materials for embroidery, and more hoops and needles
x Peruse nearly everything else in that wonderful store
x Make a teepee.  (Ok, I guess that one will have to wait. But I have such a great pattern!)
x Think about long term project ideas
x Get my record player to work again
x Clean my room! Goodness!
x Animate, animate, animate. As usual.

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