Friday, February 25, 2011

Today I Slept Til One O'Clock.

I had a lot to fit in, so I was working until almost 4am last night. I woke up at 7:15am. I mustered up the courage to get out of my warm bed. I ironed my outfit. I got dressed. I got ready for the day. And at 8am, I checked my email.

Snow day.

The school was closed. Not only was CIA closed, but so was the school downtown where I teach kindergarten art classes every Friday. My interview with American Greetings, which was supposed to be at CIA, was also canceled (maybe postponed?). No one really anticipated this snowstorm. Except for my friend Amanda's mom, who said we might get 10 inches. But I have to say, it was nice to get up and realize that I could (well, was forced to) take the day off.

So, wearing my freshly-ironed interview outfit, legwarmers, and slippers, I climbed back into bed, and slept until 1pm. It was beautiful.

After regaining energy, I went grocery shopping (because I was home when the grocery store was open!), worked on my demo reel, watched some Hulu, talked to Mia, downloaded videos of 1960s music performances (for a new side project!), and turned some flip books into this:

And now I think I'll clean my room and do some sewing and storyboarding.

(I know I complain about the snow an awful lot, but today, it wasn't so terrible.)

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