Friday, April 2, 2010

April Showers...

...mess up outdoor animation plans.

Today felt surreal, to say the least. It was weird being away from my family this time of year. And the weather was far too pleasant for Good Friday. So I said my rosaries sitting in the sunshine and enjoying it. It made it hard to be solemn, so I decided to be thankful instead.

After being mostly Amish between 12 and 3pm, things took a turn. I have yet another thing on my plate of stuff to deal with. I was then going to shoot an outdoor animation sequence, hopefully getting in some good sunset back lighting. However, they lied about the weather and as I got closer to the location, the sky became grayer. It looked so certain of rain. So I rescheduled today's shoot for tomorrow. Pray for good weather!

I'm officially staying in my studio now until I finish editing my animation. Which I think might be a real possibility today. I've taken some time to relax. I have a tripod & my camera in case I need a break and want to make an animation sketch. I'm determined to be productive.

It's rather hard to concentrate when it's Daffodil Season, though. Even if my favorite flowers have been shifting from daffodils and sunflowers to peonies and ranunculus.

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