Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope someone out there made up for my lack of relaxing today. I made up for your praying. Fair trade?

Anyway, I had high hopes of accomplishing a large amount of my To Do list today. Unfortunately, not even God (or the church bells across the street) could wake me in time for 8:30am mass. So I felt entirely off having to go to the 11am. It was rather odd going to Easter Sunday mass by myself. I don't really recommend it. So afterwards, I picked up some groceries, and had some delicious French toast sticks for my Easter supper. Good life choice.

I spent pretty much all day working on my website. It's looking pretty good, I think! I really wanna get it up and running soon! Maybe I'll share some screencaps tomorrow?

Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel more accomplished. So much to do!

By the way, on my Tumblr, I used to have Bunny Sunday every week. Mostly because bunnies are completely wonderful and dear to my heart. So I told Mia that today was a very special Bunny Sunday! So I decided to bring it back.

Don't worry, I did get my fair share of chocolate bunnies and Robin Egg candies! I received a lovely Easter package from my family (complete with one of those cards with sound) and another from my aunt, uncle, and cousin (which even had headbands)!

Oh, and I'm not gonna lie, I wouldn't mind having this ring.

Well, Happy Easter!

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