Friday, April 9, 2010

Poor Stella.

Dear Stella (my studio computer),
I am sorry for nearly killing you with all my demands. I will try to be more patient. But not much more. I do have deadlines, you know. I'll let you take a little nap while I go on Chloe (my laptop) and find some lovely inspiration. But only for a little while. I have a lot more animating, editing, and rendering to do. I need to get my Vimeo & MyFolio sites up & running.
Love, Michaela

Someday, I will go to France and visit the Louvre and some fields of lavender.

I can't wait to ride my bicycle to the flea market and library.

I think I would like this store a great deal.

My boyfriend always sings this song to me. Usually right before he buys me something. Hehe.

There's something about the text in silent films that I find absolutely beautiful.

Especially those about a certain Miss Alice.

These roses are exquisite.

I don't think I have my head in the clouds quite this often.

I can't wait until the semester's over and I have more time to collage.

I don't think I'd mind discovering this in the forest.

This photo is magical.

This may be why it takes me so long to get dressed in the morning.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did. Hopefully Stella will behave better now. Oh well, it's not her fault she's a PC.

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