Thursday, May 6, 2010


This is the hard part. You see, I've procrastinated packing until the last possible moment because, well, I hate it. You would think that with all my moving around from one home to another in different states, I would have a handle on it. Nope. I despise it. So I'm just now getting around to it today. I go home to Detroit tomorrow afternoon. Oops. Clothes are no big deal. I really don't have that many for the summer anyway. Art supplies, however...

This is always the tough part. Deciding what I want to make over break. Which is everything. I want to do some linoleum carving (I've had those blocks sitting there for far too long). I want to learn how to make granny squares since I finally have time. I want to sew some dresses and maybe a new wallet. Oh, and I want to fill up a bunch of sketchbooks. I love to collage in my sketchbooks. Love to. It really helps me get my ideas out. But I just haven't had time this year. So I wanna get back into it. But collaging back home means I have to pick which magazines and vintage papers and drawing supplies and, oh hey, sketchbooks to take with me. I have to have a clear idea of an aesthetic I want to go with, or else I can't commit to a sketchbook. And they all end up halfway filled.

Right now my room looks like a war zone. I thought animators didn't have to have that many supplies? Oh wait. I don't make mine on the computer [usually]. I need to collect junk for stop motions and magazines for cut out animations and drawing supplies for 2d and rotoscopes. Oy. I feel so materialistic.

I'm still procrastinating.

Anway, here are some pretty collages for you to look at while I figure out what to bring home.

Made by misspaq on Flickr.

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