Monday, May 31, 2010

Repeat All.

I've been in love with wallpaper since my parents redid Ciara's and my bedroom when I was 5 years old.  I remember looking through a book of different patterns and designs, and being in love with a unicorn border. They decided on a border that said "Friends of the Rainforest." I wasn't too thrilled. I'm sure there are others out there worse than this rainforest one, but there are also some completely magical patterns. And although it would be a giant hassle, I'm sure, I'm quite set on using one in my home someday. I'd just have to find the perfect spot. The image above and the two below are wallprints by Louise Body, who makes some of my favorite patterns. (Click images to go directly to the source.)

Here are some other pretty patterns that caught my eye:

Would you ever use wallpaper? I can't help but be reminded of stories of family friends re-decorating and finding layer upon layer of wallpaper to be stripped. Too much of a hassle? Maybe. Worth it? I think so.


  1. i love the staging of items in these photographs!

  2. Troy-Me too! I think things like this, as silly as it sounds, are the reason I like doing pixilations. I like having a space to build a set and stage everything.