Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All Boys Are Cute.

Today, Mia and I hung out after I got off work. We took a walk up to 7 Eleven for some Slurpees and talked about boys.

Mia: Isn't Kegan (Ciara's boyfriend) cute?
Me: I think Ciara thinks he's cute.
Mia: Oh yeah, and me too.
Me: Is Nicholas cute?
Mia: UH HUH. I love him, and I am going to see him next week.
Me: Oh really? I thought I was gonna see him since he's my boyfriend. Who's your boyfriend?
Mia: Dylan (17 year old friend).
Me: What happened to Griffin (3 year old from daycare)?
Mia: Well, he doesn't like me anymore. He just wants to play blocks instead of princesses.
Me: Oh. Any other cute boys you like?
Mia: Yeah! All boys are cute!
Me: Not really.
Mia: Yes they are! You have a LOT to learn.

She's funny. She's even becoming an expert at sarcasm.

Mia: Wanna hear a funny joke I told my friends?
Me: Sure!
Mia: They said, "Do you wanna play Hide & Seek?" And I said, "No, I wanna sit here and poop my pants."
Me: That's no way to get a boyfriend.

After 7 Eleven, we drew pictures and listened to Regina Spektor. We both really love her music, and her stop motion music videos. (Hello, future potential jobs.)

Mia has also taken to wearing 3D glasses minus the lenses, as pictured above. We're working on doing .GIF length hand drawn animations (very simple) together. But I'm thinking, I should make it a goal to do one .GIF a day. It could be fun. What do you think?

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