Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Carrots for Mr. Lewis

Today, Mia & I took a walk to the grocery store to get some carrots and soap. We take this little trail lined with trees, and she likes to pretend it's a magical forest where Snow White and Alice of Wonderland wander about. Which is only encouraged when there are "poison apples" on the ground from a nearby tree. While we walked, we made up stories and sang Disney songs and picked flowers jumped in every single puddle we could find. Mia also informed me that she needed a bath because "Deodorant just doesn't cut it." 

At the grocery store, Mia wanted to get 3 packs of baby carrots: 1 pack for dinner, and 2 packs for Mr. Lewis, the baby bunny that lives in the bushes of our nextdoor neighboor's yard.

Tomorrow, we're going out for breakfast. Or maybe brunch if we feel like sleeping in a bit. Then possibly making some paper dolls and probably working in our sketchbooks. All before I go to work at the flower shop.

Oh, and lately, Mia has been in love with button mums and snapdragons.

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