Saturday, January 29, 2011


Guess what I just did. I'll give you a hint...

THAT'S RIGHT. I just loaded a new roll of film into this beautiful 16mm camera (that I want oh so badly). I get to shoot with it for the first time this afternoon, but my Cinema class this semester is going to require me to use them on a regular basis. Granted, I haven't done anything with film before, and all editing has to be done in camera (for this assignment, anyway), and I only have two and a half minutes, and I can't mess up, but I'm still SO excited. And completely in love with this camera. That's probably because of the sound it makes while the film's rolling. It's absolutely swoon-worthy.

I know I'm not one to wish I was rich, but if I had some money lying around, I'm pretty certain this would become my new obsession. I've officially added "Own a Bolex h16" to my list of Things I Would Like To Do Before I Die If At All Possible.

Time to get ready to shoot! Our assignment was to make a [silent] instructional video. So what would make the most sense to show with such a classy camera? I'll let you know later!

Ps. If you haven't already, you should definitely watch my latest animation, Nothing Was Coherent. And tell me what you think!

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