Friday, January 21, 2011


Hey there! Remember me? I decided today that I'm going to stop making excuses and start posting here more. Especially since I've been working on some really cool projects lately!

Remember my animation Curiouser (and Curiouser and Curiouser)? Well it is now on Vimeo in HD! I finally upgraded to a Vimeo Plus account (as a birthday present from my family...did I mention I recently had a birthday?), which means I can upload everything in beautiful HD quality. Just look at these!

And in case you were wondering just how Meredith was able to fly and fall, you can see the process in the behind-the-scenes video. It's pretty amusing. And yeah, that would be me, the insane one running up the ladder to take one picture, back down, moving things incrementally one frame at a time, back up the ladder... Don't worry, though, my hair's not that color anymore. Back to it's natural blonde :)

Check back for more HD videos soon, including some I haven't shared yet!

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