Sunday, January 23, 2011

Coming Into Clarity

Remember koriARTica? (I know, I know... That was all the way back in April!) Well, maybe I should refresh your memory. I created an animation that was projected across three screens arranged in a way that distorted the video and allowed a dancer to interact with the image through a performance. It was a collaboration project between animators at CIA, composers at  the Cleveland Institute of Music, and dancers at Case Western Reserve University. Well, thanks to my wonderful family who got me a Vimeo Plus account, I finally put the animation online!

Keep in mind, this piece is meant to be part of a performance, so the animation may seem repetitive, but it isn't the entire focus.

There is a video of the performance, but I haven't gotten a copy of it quite yet. Hopefully soon, though! When I do, it will also end up on Vimeo, and blogged about here.

The music was composed by my wonderful friend Josh Rodriguez, who also did the music of each of my Curiouser videos. The dancer (who was filmed doing one gesture that was animated into this video and who also performed, not to mention choreographed the entire thing) was the very talented Rachel Stoneking. I'm still incredibly grateful that I was able to work with both of them.

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