Friday, January 21, 2011

Yellow Bicycle Blog

If you were looking for Lovelier Thoughts, you've come to the right place. My old blog is now set to redirect to this url, where all my previous posts were imported. In other words, don't panic.


A few years ago, while strolling the streets of downtown Charleston, Nicholas & I came across the most perfect yellow bicycle parked perfectly next to a yellow fire hydrant. Of course I was excited, considering yellow is my favorite generic color. But I kept thinking about that bicycle and everything that came with it, at least, everything I imagined for myself one day: to live in a place I love, making art, and riding into town on my yellow bicycle when I needed to run errands. It sounds simple, and it sounds close to what I have now: I love Cleveland, I make art all day except for when I'm thinking about making art, and I ride an old teal bicycle when public transportation is less than convenient. But for whatever reason, that yellow bicycle in Charleston made me want to accomplish more. I guess if I had time to ride a yellow bicycle around the block or down the beach, that means I wouldn't be working not stop and scraping for rent money; I would be ok. And that sounds perfect to me.

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