Monday, March 22, 2010

20 Things

1. It was rainy today.

2. While walking under the bridge to go to work, my knee, affected by the weather, decided to give out, causing my leg to twist in all sorts of directions, resulting in the top of my shoe and most of my shin being caked in Little Italy mud.

3. I made another animation in my English class. It'll be on YouTube by tomorrow (hopefully).

4. The Super Pretzels I bought on Friday (one one of my 27 errands) do not taste good. I plan on calling the number to tell them I'm not completely satisfied.

5. All of the produce I bought from the market on Friday has officially all gone bad already. Really?

6. My friend Joe gave me a crash course in photography on Thursday. I now understand how cameras work so much better. And since I bought my DSLR in December, I've promised myself I would eventually learn to leave it on the Manual setting.

7. It's currently 38 degrees outside. Happy Spring.

8. I would love to own this:

9. I this this is pretty.

10. I wish my art history class included more of this:

11. I wish I lived in the UK for this very reason.

12. I wish I had room for this in my apartment.

13. I think Mia would make the cutest animations if she had one of these:

14. I can't wait until I can wear sundresses. With pockets.

15. I also I want to collect different editions of Alice in Wonderland, featuring artwork by different illustrators.

16. Simone totally saved my life by sewing 8 yards worth of straight lines for me.

17. I need to clean my room. Badly.

18. I am going to be editing my life away tonight.

19. I get to shoot a super fun animation tomorrow!

20. Right now, the ideas of sleep and Santa Claus are on the same level for me.

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