Thursday, March 25, 2010

Behind the Scenes Photos!

In case you were curious what went into creating images like these for my animation, I have the answer for you! Now you can see the wonderful yellow ladder that left my legs feeling like Jello.

I have been incredibly busy lately and am drowning in work. Between trying to edit my little butt of and pass off the .mov files to a musician, oh, and getting portfolio pieces together and designing dvd covers and menus for scholarship competitions, I haven't had too much time to eat! But yesterday I had a wonderful dinner, and hopefully I will be caught up (sort of) by tomorrow afternoon.

I have been so dependent on this lovely little planner and realized that I can't carry on conversations about work without a death grip on it. Maybe I'll post one of my overwhelming To Do lists. And yes, there are more than one. All organized. Into categories. Because I have that many.

Ps. Photos were taken by Jeff Mancinetti, the same guy who duct taped & tied and otherwise secured my camera for shooting and made sure everything worked.

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