Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toy Story

I wanted to share this fun little animation I made Thursday night to test an image capture program and see how it would work for animations. So I used some Littlest Pet Shop animals and an alien from Toy Story (just some toys that Mia let me borrow for animations). It's also uploaded to our YouTube channel, but they took out the music because it's copyrighted material. So I went around and uploaded it right to Blogger so you could enjoy some Mateo Messina. Oh, and sorry about the incredibly awkward zoom. I guess that's what I get for setting up my tripod in the middle of our living room in between chairs and printers and library books.

By the way, I'm currently sitting in the TIME installation room, where I've been shooting scenes for my animation. I just finished with the actress, and now I'm taking a break before shooting some stop motion segments with various objects.'s the best part...I needed to show the character waking up and going to sleep, so I have an air mattress in here. WHICH MEANS...I can totally take naps in here all weekend while I have the room checked out! Haha, probably not what I'm supposed to do, but hey, I did sign the room out!

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