Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Few More Pixilations

I have been getting yelled at all my life for writing on my hands. Or arms. Or whatever I can get to first. But usually I see it as a good thing. I have such a good idea that I need to write it down right now. And most people don't appreciate writing on walls, so I fill up my hands. But lately they've been pretty empty. Until this afternoon in my Business and Professional Practices writing class. We were working on artist statements, and I guess it forced me to do some thinking and come up with a few possibilities.

So now I'm sitting in class, drinking my coffee, sketching more storyboards, and researching different animations. Again. Here are a few more I suggest you watch.

Nostalgia by Synes Elischka

Life by the Sevens by Lindsay Berkebile

Topic I et II by Pascal Baes

Flapper by John Reed Hryszkiewicz

SupEr hAndZ by Charetteprod

Back to work for me!

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