Friday, February 12, 2010

Where the Princesses Are.

Today I came home to Detroit for a special weekend. Tomorrow is our annual Pierogi Day (more on that later) and my dad's birthday. But today has just been spent playing with Mia. We practiced the "Ugg a Wugg" choreography from Peter Pan, watched animations on Vimeo, made "quorsadillas,"danced like ballerinas, baked peanut  butter cookies, ate way too many of those cookies, and played with her doll castle. She's still up, and has been looking at blogs with me, but we're settling down now and watching 101 Dalmatians.

Oh, and Mia helped me pick out these pictures to share with you. They're just some places we'd love to live. And as always, click images for sources.

Of course.

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