Monday, February 1, 2010


Lately, I've been in the planning stages for a lot of projects. I've been doing tons of research for a documentary I'm making, and lots of storyboards and test animations for another class. I've been itching to do some more pixilations, and I have lots of ideas. I just need to organize them.

In the mean time, I thought I'd share a few more pixilations that I am in love with.

Pretty much what people think of when they think pixilation is the music video for "Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie. It is absolutely beautiful and executed with such precision. My favorite part is where the blankets are replaced by dark blue ones, and she dives into water. I need to do an animation like this at some point.

One of my favorite animated music videos is "Us" by Regina Spektor, which can be found in better quality on her website. I love how it isn't perfectly 15 or 30 frames per second, but a little choppier, in a good way. It's just...quirky, I guess. I like it. Plus, what's not to love about a cardboard piano?

Another YouTube hit is "My Animated World" by Jelle Van Dun. It has all sorts of old school video game references, which is awesome. I grew up with old school in Mario Bros., not Super Mario Bros., and Tetris and Centipede. By the way, pay attention at the Tetris part. You can see the light changing, showing how much time has passed.

I found this one on Vimeo. It's called "The Return" by Joseph, and has some really interesting scenes. I particularly like the one on the train. And the color palette in general is really nice.

And this one, "Ten Thousand Pictures of You" by Robin King, this one is the kind you kill yourself over. I can even imagine how much time this took. But the result is brilliant. Right from the beginning, with the animated filmstrips, all the way to the dark room at the end.

I'll share more tomorrow. For now I have to get back to editing a little stop motion.

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